Church Planting Missions Council

imgChurch Planting can be one of the loneliest ministry endeavors. Many church planters feel overwhelmed, discouraged, and do not know where to turn for help. In years gone by church planting was done as an extension of the local church. Churches would call a mission pastor who was a staff member of the sending church, or a group of church members would agree to be the nucleus of the new church start. Either way, the sending church served as a nurturing body of people who loved, supported and encouraged the new church start. Unfortunately, most church planters today do not have this support structure to help them. We are seeking to change that here at the OCSBA.

The Church Planting Mission Council (CPMC) is a made up of three people who have committed to walk alongside a church planter for three years to provide he and his family with support, encouragement, ministry insight, practical assistance, and accountability. Their goal is to see the church planter and his family succeed in the work to which God has called them.

You can read more about the CPMC and its designed purpose by clicking the image below.