Evangelism Block Party Trailer – Reserve

imgWhat steps do I take to use the Evangelistic Block Party Trailer?

1. Contact Matt Johnson (714)-547-5409, at matt@ocsba.org, or fill out the online form HERE  to check on availability and to reserve your trailer.

2. Complete the Confirmation Form and return it to Matt at matt@ocsba.org. Read the form for permit, insurance and the Hold Harmless form instructions.

3. The Evangelism Block Party Trailer includes expendable, supplies and equipment. You commit to pay a use and maintenance fee of $295. This includes a $35 refund, when the Follow-Up Report (given to your pastor by Mike proud, your DOM) is returned to your Association consultant within ten days following the event. If you decide to cancel our reservation, you will let our Association know 30 days in advance or forfeit one half of your reservation fee, except in the event of inclement weather. Confirmations made within 30 days of an event will not be eligible for a refund.

4. Provide the Association office with a copy of general liability insurance coverage of $1,000,000 per occurrence. If more than one church is sponsoring the event, each church will need to supply a copy of general liability insurance. If you will be holding the party off site from your church, you need to include the name and address of the location in your insurance certificate. You are responsible for obtaining needed permits for activities held off your church campus

5. Plan your evangelistic block party using the Special Evangelistic Event Formula
A = Attract Attention
B = Build A Bridge
C = Communicate Christ
D = Determine a Decision
E = Evaluate the Event
F = Faithfully Follow-Up
G = Glorify God

6. Here are some practical ways you can use the EBPT:

Show a Christian movie ¦ Use together with VBS ¦ Celebrate holidays like July 4th or Cinco de Mayo ¦ Conclude with a concert ¦ Combine with a chili cook off with prizes ¦ Include a magician ¦ Have a back to school party ¦ Have an end of school party ¦ Participate in a city festival ¦ Neighborhood cul-du-sac party ¦ Use with a shredder truck or blood drive ¦ Ping Pong or Basketball tournament ¦ Jewelry making demonstration ¦ Art show

7. Conduct your evangelistic block party! Please share photos, video clips, and statistical information with the Association office, as we would like to post pictures, videos & testimonies on the OCSBA website and share helpful hints with other churches in our Association.

8. Two months (eight weeks) prior to your event the Confirmation Form and your check must be signed and turned into your Association consultant to confirm your reservation and to allow your DOM time to meet with your pastor. Your Association consultant will contact you to make arrangements for training, delivery and pickup. It is imperative that your contact adult be at your event location on time for drop off, as well as for pickup. The EBPT must be returned the same day immediately following the event.

10. Remember, deposits will be refunded if the trailer and its contents are returned in good condition and when the EBPT Associational Follow Up Report has been filled out and returned to the OCSBA.

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