OCSBA Mission Opportunities

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OCSBA Mission Opportunities for 2017

Esther Memorial Training and Development Center in Malawi, Africa

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If your church is interested in contributing, please contact Pastor Earl Miles at 714-596-0611.

The HOPE Project

The HOPE Project’s mission is to serve and cater to those in need as well as help children worldwide break out of the cycle of poverty by providing them with education, meals and healthcare.

Click here for more information on how you can help support this ministry. 

Alaska Mission Trips

Volunteer Mission & Construction Team Trip. Last from 1 week to 10 days, you will do many construction needs such as: remodeling, framing, painting, and plumbing. If you have any questions or would like to sign up, please contact Brian Whitson at 907-268-8659. 2015 Volunteer Mission and Construction Team

ALASKA GRACEWORKS.  Serve others for a week working with disadvantaged children/youth, feeding the hungry, backyard Bible school, neighborhood evangelistic park parties. May 31-June 6 (BIGGEST NEED); June 7-13; June 14-20; July 19-25; OR July 26- Aug 1.  Great for families, student teams, and mixed age groups.

ROMANIA ADVENTURE THAT GIVES BACK. November 1-11.  Preaching, teaching, children’s ministry, youth ministry, food distribution in small Romania village.

UKRAINE HOPE MISSION.  October 25- November 2. We’ll be working hundreds of miles from the war zone, but the team will share food, medicine and the Gospel with destitute refugee families who have fled the war.

For more information with the Mission Match trips, please contact  Dr Scott Kirby, 907-440-4974; www.missionmatch.com

Children's Home in Manila, Philippines

Joshua Benavidez, Director of Extreme Response, Asia and John Basiwa, Director of the Extreme Response Children’s Home in Manila will be our featured guests and will discuss with us possibilities for mission team(s).

To RSVP, please contact  Ellis Pitman at ecpitman@gmail.com.

The Seed of Love halfway house needs renovation while Youth Mobilization needs help with their Learning Center.  Other possible ministry opportunities are:

  1. Children’s Home – build cabinets for the kids/hang-out and play with the kids/tutorials
  2. Seed of Love Halfway House (Temporary shelter for kids undergoing cancer treatment) – fix/renovate house which includes carpentry, repainting/visit, encourage, pray for kids at the biggest government hospital in the Philippines/hold a kid’s program for the cancer patients
  3. IT Tender – participate in their community feeding and night life programs
  4. Youth Mobilization – Participate in their mobile school program and learning center activities
  5. Lead church worship service (preaching, worship leading, special number, testimony, etc.)
  6. Do a one-day or a two-day Bible Seminar for pastors and leaders of para church organizations.

For more information or to join a team, please contact Ellis Pitman.